The range of items can vary from perishables, frozen food, dry stores to bonded stores.

PNN offers you a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, groceries etc. without compromising on quality and parallel to your expectation at affordable prices.

Fresh, frozen and dry goods are of excellent quality and are checked, then neatly packaged and stored in a hygienic condition and placed into our dry store area, freezers or chillers before delivery to vessels.

All stores are carefully loaded into our closed, insulated body trucks and transported to harbour within 15 minutes from our conveniently located premises.

All this done, adhering strictly to ISO 9001:2000 standards and procedures as documented.

Supplies on Offer:

• Groceries
• Diary Products
• Meat & Poultry
• Fresh Fruit & Vegetable
• Seafood
• Asian Food & Spices
• Beverages
• Bonded Stores
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